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KVM Switches & Boxes
(for multiple server monitoring and remotely monitoring servers)

As LANs grow, there's no need to have a monitor, mouse and keyboard for each one. It can be expensive and cumbersome, too. Choosing the right kind of interface for your server farm, installing it properly and verifying compliance with the necessary standards is the key to getting the most out of your investment. Buying low quality components will cost you dearly in long term troubleshooting and network downtime. At CUC we understand the seriousness of users having secure, but immediate access to any server on the network, at any time and place.

CUC represents cutting edge switching and remote monitoring products. CUC is proud to be one of the first companies to offer Cybex equipment in Central Texas. Cybex manufactures an array of external connectivity devices that allow you to see the network from the outside, even through the Internet. You can have multiple users looking at multiple servers. Connect a server to the conference room. Hey, the possibilities are endless!

At CUC, we have the experience to guide you to the correct equipment, whether adding one work station or installing a complete network distribution system. We suggest you peruse the Cybex product line at www.cybex.com, but the best way to see how CUC can solve all of your facility needs is to request a site survey.

Meeting your computer and telecom room needs is easy as ... CUC!